Founders main focus is to provide solid risk adjusted returns to its investors by creating and actively managing real estate funds. To date, we have originated 12 real estate investment funds with a total value of $2.9 Billion acquiring more than 31 million square feet.

Founders Properties is currently investing Founders Fund V which will focus on core and core+ office and industrial properties throughout the United States.


  • Founders investment strategy is to purchase single and multi-tenant industrial and office properties that are yield focused.
  • We strive to mitigate risk through diversification of the properties we purchase.
  • Our income funds are diversified in the following ways: geographically, by asset class, by tenant industry and through staggered lease maturities.


  • Founders has built enduring relationships with key players in the marketplace.
  • Our strong relationships help to source deals and efficiently invest our funds.
  • These relationships also provide a strategic advantage when borrowing money from lenders.

Cash Flow Focused

  • Founders focuses on sourcing deals that have predictable cash flow.
  • This means that we target investments which are cash flow focused and seek to invest in projects where the potential downside is reasonably measured.
  • This focus allows us to buy properties that can ride out cycles rather than attempt to time them.

Acquisition Criteria

Our targeted investments aim to produce both current income and value appreciation as it is our philosophy that stable income can provide some degree of protection during periods of stress in the financial markets.

Asset Type:
Single and multi-tenant industrial and office
We look at bulk industrial as well as light industrial with a higher office finish.
Primary and secondary markets within the United States
Purchase Price:
$5 million – $60 million
90% or greater
National or strong regional and local credit
Lease Term:
Focused on income oriented properties with staggered lease maturities
We have the ability to provide bankable forward commitments to acquire build-to-suit projects for select developers.
Other Investments:
On a select basis Founders will also evaluate value-add and/or development opportunities.